Sunday, December 2, 2012

5 Life Tips

Now, I am by no means a psychologist, life expert, or experienced personnel of any sorts. However, I read an article that inspired me to share with you life lessons according to Allison. So, here we go!
1) Give control over to God
       I'm not here to convert you to Christianity, but I do think this one takes a load off of my mind. When your a constant worrier like myself, it helps to just read a Psalm (Psalm 32:8 for example), say a prayer, or take a moment to give control over to God. Besides, most of it doesn't matter anyway.
2) Stop comparing yourself to others!
     I know, I know she has the great boyfriend or killer abs or great fashion sense, blah blah blah. But you need to stop comparing yourself to her! You have alot to offer and are an awesome person too. Nothing is ever what it seems from the outside and I guarantee you that girl is going through some issues just like you. Anyways, she is probably comparing herself to you too!
3) Work Out
     Now, I am no fitness guru but I love to work out. Not saying you have to work out everyday for 2 hours (who has time for that?) but it's healthy, boost your mood, and de-stresses you.   I also reccomend making the perfect playlist for your workouts. I mean really, who doesn't feel good after a great workout?
4) Spend time alone
     I heard a great quote once about how it's good to spend time alone so you aren't defined by another. Even if it's just 30 minutes, take some time out of the week to do something you enjoy, ALONE. Watch the Real Housewives, pin til your heart is content, go for a walk, whatever.
5) Love
     Not to sound sappy but make sure to tell those close to you that you love them. It will boost both of your moods and what have you got to lose? Tell a friend you appreciate how they listened to you, a family member how they drive you crazy but you will always love them, or just tell your cat they look extra fluffy today.
Hope you are enjoying your Sunday!! xo
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  1. Great life tips and so true! Thank you for posting this. Have a great week!

    LA By Diana Live Magazine

  2. this is cute, and even if it sounds simple, sometimes its kinda hard... really hard!

  3. I agree with "stop comparing" with the others! so true

    kisses from Spain

  4. Such a great post, so good to read at the beginning of my day.

    xo erica

  5. LOVE these life lessons!!

  6. Definitely agree - especially with #4! Sometimes life gets so busy, it's nice to spend some quiet time alone :)

  7. thank you for the tips. it's so sweet of you to write these. well said, too. i agree with all of them (though, with the first one, i'm not religious exactly, but i do understand how this helps!) i think number 5 is definitely the best advice. additionally, remember to try and love yourself.