Here are some of my favorite jams. My taste is all over the map but my main favorites are hip hop and pop. I'm also a closet Basshead. My current obsessions are Eminem, Rihanna, and P!nk. Enjoy!

Teeth by Lady Gaga

If We Ever Meet Again by Timbaland featuring Katy Perry
Still by Dr. Dre featuring Snoop Dogg
Love the Way You Lie by Eminem featuring Rihanna
Roman’s Revenge by Nicki Minaj featuring Eminem
Airplanes Part 2 by B.O.B. featuring Hayley Williams and Eminem
The Motto by Drake featuring Lil Wayne
Where Have You Been by Rihanna

The Cave by Mumford and Sons
Ni**as in Paris by Jay-Z featuring Kanye West
Super Bass by Nicki Minaj
Head over Feet by Alanis Morisette
How to Love by Lil Wayne
U Got it Bad by Usher
What’s My Name? by Rihanna featuring Drake
Little Lion Man by Mumford and Sons
Teenage Dream by Katy Perry

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