Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Autumn Neutrals

Well my trip to NYC was a success! There was girl time, shopping, and late night shenanigans. I bought so many new clothes and I can't wait to show them off. Among the items bought: colorful tights, an owl sweatshirt, a blazer, and a peplum shirt.

I thought I'd pull out these pants again as they are a staple in my closet. They add color and fun to the traditional skinny jean. I kept the colors "autumn neutral"  to celebrate the new time of year. Expect some bright colors in the near future for my wardrobe :)

Happy Hump Day! xo

 Top: Ann Taylor LOFT
Jeans: Zara
Necklace: old
Boots: old
"Dream big. It might be very useful in the future, when you know dreams do come true."
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  1. it´s a perfect and smart combination of style and very goo taste.

  2. Hi Alison!

    Love the use of burgundy in your outfit, such a great trend to work with during fall!

    Great piece!

    ~ Tasha

  3. I love the colour of your shirt!
    And that's a very nice background! Is it your garden?

    1. Thanks! It's my mom's patio. I love taking pics there :)

  4. Great outfit! I love the color of your pants and your nice top! Have a fabulous weekend!
    LA By Diana Live Magazine

  5. cute outfit, the color of your top is pretty, have a great weekend!