Monday, July 9, 2012

Puzzles with Pictures

I finally got my baby back from Best Buy! Yes, I am talking about my laptop. The poor thing had a virus. This 5 day seperation made me realize I am addicted to my computer. My friend Bridget and I did a photo shoot at her apartment complex for these next few outfit posts. We had a great time and she was fun to work with! It's always fun to watch how other people's creativity comes out.

This dress is from Pitaya. I love how fun and flirty it is and it's pretty comfy as well. Nothing like finding the perfect match in comfortable and fashionable. The necklace is yet another purchase from Francesca's and I thought it added some pizzazz to the dress. And last but not least are my trusty ALDO wedges, which shout out to ALDO for all the tweets! Y'all are so sweet. Well I hope everyone has a great Monday evening and congrats! You made it through work on Monday ;)

Dress: Lush Wedges: ALDO

PS If you caught on that the book was upside down... way to be observant! It was Bridget's idea haha

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