Thursday, June 14, 2012

Slouchy yet Sexy

I've decided to take this paragraph to be thankful, instead of telling you about my busy day. I spend so much time worrying about what could go wrong that I forget to say what is going right. I'm thankful for anyone who reads this blog, thankful for my woderful family, thankful for random life situations and so many more things. God truly is gracious.

This shirt is one of my faves! It's slouchy and comfortable, yet a tad bit sexy because it slides off the shoulder. I got it from Francesca’s  which is a fabulous boutique here in Dallas. Anything simple I love to play up with bling, hence I added the necklace, which I stole  (ahem, borrowed) from my mom.

My cousin is getting married this weekend!!! I will do my best to post pics and an outfit post from the wedding! Congrats to Justin and Nicole. I wish y'all the best :)

Top: Miami Shorts: American Eagle Wedges: Aldo

"I came to win, to survive, to prosper, to rise, to fly." 

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