Saturday, June 2, 2012

Lazy Saturday

One of my favorite past-times is watching Fashion Police and pinning the outfits I love. I’m pretty sure I’m addicted to Pinterest. Another key ingredient to this relaxation time is the right music. I got some Usher on right now. And that’s my anecdote.

I went to a concert last night, the Flaming Lips. I had heard of them but I’m still not sure what kind of music they do. I left before they came on to go to a friend’s house. I’m a professional sketch artist. As in, I’m sketchy. Ask my best friends and they’ll tell you :) Today, my dear friends Bridget and Ashley were kind enough to come with me to a furniture warehouse sale. I was hoping to get some decorations for the casa, and ended up getting some flower pots.

Lastly, I ran into a group at the concert and told them I would put them on my blog if I could take their picture. In turn, I mention their website These cats were all kinds of dressed up!

Now it’s off to the pool! J

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