Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer Time

Oh, girls night. Gossip, vodka and Diet Coke, hair dying, and general fun. I'm always happy when my sis is in town and these few days with her are no exception. I'm diligently hunting down a job and balanacing my social life. I'm going to Life in Travel's Happy Hour tonight. I'm so excited and hope I can corner her to ask a few blogger questions.

So I found a new toy to play with, Polyvore. It's like playing  paper dolls for grown ups. Below I added my casual looks (my dressy creations will come tomorrow) for the summertime. I loved the boho band for the hair and think this outfit rocks!

Summer Time

True Religion short jean shorts
€229 - jades24.com

Minnetonka shoes
$50 - endless.com

Boho hair accessory
$15 - etsy.com

This look was inspired by my sister, Megan. She recently returned from London and I made this outfit for her. She and I are both Jefferey Campbell fans so I'm obsessed with the shoes, as is she. This outfit may not work logically for Texas, but I bet it would rock the streets of London.

London Bound

I hope you all have an awesome day and kick some ass at work!

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